Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Development


The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority’s overall purpose is to help beneficiaries thrive in their communities and avoid long-term institutionalization. One of the duties of the Trust is to develop a budget for Trust spending and recommendations for how the state will fund a comprehensive, integrated mental health program.

This page contains materials intended to inform Trust staff, trustees, and stakeholders in the FY23 budget development process.

As the Trust uses a two year budgeting cycle, in August 2020 trustees adopted a FY22/23 budget. FY23 represents the second year in that two year budget cycle, and trustees will consider revisions to the FY23 budget that was adopted.

Update: In August 2021, trustees approved the revised FY23 budget. View it here. 

Resource Documents

Data Scorecards

Disability Justice 

Mental Health and Addiction Intervention

Behavioral Health Crisis Response 

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)

     Homelessness & Housing

    Beneficiary Employment & Engagement

    Early Childhood Prevention & Intervention

    Workforce Development

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