The Trust’s forest resources are located throughout Alaska, with the most valuable reserves in Southeast Alaska. The Trust Land Office continues to seek opportunities to create sales when the market, available timber and interests are aligned. The Trust Land Office is collaboratively working with landowners throughout the state to manage forest resources in a healthy socioeconomic and environmentally responsible manner while meeting Trust objectives. The Trust Land Office also issues negotiated timber sales for fuel reduction, biofuels, commercial firewood and other specialty wood harvest projects.

Trust land forest management is similar to private land forest management. Trust timber sales have accounted for nearly one half of the Trust Land Office’s annual income for the last several years, with over 200,000 million board feet being sold and harvested during that time. While much of this timber has been sold to the export market, the harvest activity has resulted in significant economic benefits to Alaska communities and in some cases has made timber available for in-state use.

Naukati Exchange Timber Sale

The Trust Land Office is currently preparing a negotiated timber sale for 100-million-board-feet of old growth timber in the Naukati area located on Prince of Wales Island. The proposed sale is composed of timber on lands to be acquired through the land exchange with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). The sale will be to a local operator and assist in providing resources to help maintain a viable timber industry in Southeast Alaska. The 10-year sale is expected to provide about $15 million to the Trust.

Icy Bay Timber Sale

Sealaska Timber Corporation (STC) performed engineering work for its harvest operations scheduled to begin in May 2018.