Improve the lives of beneficiaries

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is a state corporation that administers the Alaska Mental Health Trust, a perpetual trust, to improve the lives of beneficiaries. The Trust operates much like a private foundation, using its resources to ensure that Alaska has a comprehensive integrated mental health program.

The Trust Land office protects and enhances the values of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority lands while maximizing revenues from those lands over time.

Trust duties

  • Enhance and protect the trust
  • Provide leadership in advocacy, planning, implementing, and funding of a Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program
  • Propose a budget for Alaska’s Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program
  • Coordinate with state agencies on programs and services that affect beneficiaries
  • Report to the Legislature, the governor and the public about The Trust’s activities

Guiding principles

To improve the lives of Trust beneficiaries, the Trust is committed to

  • Education of the public and policymakers on beneficiary needs
  • Collaboration with consumers and partner advocates
  • Maximizing beneficiary input into programs
  • Continually improving results for beneficiaries
  • Prioritizing services for beneficiaries at risk of institutionalization or needing long-term, intensive care
  • Useful and timely data for evaluating programs
  • Inclusion of early intervention and prevention components