FY25 Trust Budget Development


The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority’s overall purpose is to help beneficiaries thrive in their communities and avoid long-term institutionalization. One of the duties of the Trust is to develop a budget for Trust spending and recommendations for how the state will fund a comprehensive, integrated mental health program.

This page contains materials intended to inform Trust staff, trustees, and stakeholders in the FY25 budget development process.

As the Trust uses a two year budgeting cycle, in August 2022 trustees adopted a FY24/25 budget. FY25 represents the second year in that two year budget cycle, and trustees will consider revisions to the FY25 budget that was adopted. It is anticipated that trustees will finalize, approve, and transmit a FY25 Trust budget to the Governor and Legislature in September 2023 by the deadline defined in Alaska Statute.  

*New*Approved FY25 Trust Budget Workbook  (August, 2023)


Additional resources related to the Trust's established focus areas and priorities can be found on their respective webpages.

Trust Focus Areas:

Other Trust Priorities:

In addition the Trust maintains a standing resources page with reports, studies and other documents related to topics that intersect with Trust beneficiary populations.