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MacDonald Spit, Seldovia


Seldovia is on the Kenai Peninsula on the south shore of Kachemak Bay, and falls within the gulf coast maritime climate zone, characterized by a rainy atmosphere, long, cold winters, and mild summers.


Parcel 9200843

  • 16.34 acres
  • Mental Health Trust Parcel Number: SM-0415
  • Kenai Peninsula Borough Tax ID: 19110114
  • Located in Section 18, Township 5 North, Range 8 West, Seward Meridian, Alaska
  • Survey: Lot 10 of U.S. Survey 4651
  • Minimum Annual Rent Bid: $47,500.00
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A state-owned gravel airstrip and a seaplane base are available. Direct flights are provided to Homer. The state ferry system connects to Homer, where the Sterling Highway provides road access. Water taxis from Homer also service the community. A harbor, boat wash down, and boat haul-out facility are available.

Primary access is by boat or floatplane. Access is also available from Jackalof Bay Road to a pedestrian/ATV easement along the MacDonald Spit beach.


The parcel has unobstructed views of Kasitsna Bay and Kachemak Bay.

Municipal Authority

The parcel is in the Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) and is subject to real property taxation.


33’ federal section line easements may exist on the north and south sides of the section line that bisects the parcel. There are no other known easements on the parcel.

Water Frontage & Shape

The boundary adjacent to Kachemak Bay has approximately ±2,300 LF (unprotected) water front. The parcel boundary adjacent to  the Kasitsna Bay Lagoon has approximately ±1,400 LF (protected but tidal influenced).

The parcel is an irregularly shaped lot with a high amount water frontage. Given the size and shape it may be well suited for further subdivision.

Improvements or Trespass

None observed.

Public Restrictions

The parcel is located within the boundaries of the Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) but outside any city limits; the area is un-zoned.

Kachemak Bay — Critical Habitat Area, Management Plan

Environmental Restrictions

Subject to Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation regulations for on-site water and waste-water disposal systems

Conservation Restrictions

The Kachemak Bay State Park, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and the Kenai Fjords National Park are all located within or near Kachemak Bay. The subject does not appear to be located within any of these units.

McDonald Spit is located within the Kachemak Bay — Critical Habitat Area

Easy access, outstanding recreational opportunities, and a diverse and productive environment make Kachemak Bay important to residents and visitors alike. Fish and shellfish populations abound year-round, supporting several significant fisheries. In the spring, summer, and fall, the bay hosts tens of thousands of feeding waterfowl, shorebirds, and seabirds. In the winter, marine mammals and waterbirds remain in the bay's protected waters.

The high level of biological productivity in Kachemak Bay is at least partially the result of a large gyre-like circulation pattern that serves to hold shellfish larvae in the bay. Productivity is further enhanced by a two-layered "nutrient trap" estuarine system in which organic nutrients are moved out of the bay by surface waters and settle to the bottom only to be moved back into the bay by deeper on-shore currents.

For more information on the Kachemak Bay Critical Habitat Area please refer to the Kachemak Bay Management Plan. For current land status information, see the Kachemak Bay Land Status Map (PDF 2,058 kB). You may also download the KML file which depicts the refuge area boundary.

Private Restrictions

There does not appear to be any private restrictions.

Other Restrictions

Other restrictions related to navigable waters and/or tide-lines may apply.


Electricity and community water are located on MacDonald Spit. According to personnel with Homer Electric Association, a buried electric line is adjacent the property. Community water is piped from a creek at the base of the spit.


Much of the parcel's acreage consists of beach and low-lying grasslands that are susceptible to high-tides and waves.

The parcel is ocean fronting with a good beach and is primarily level at the middle and eastern end, and slopes upward on the west side at Nubble Point. Spruce trees are located on the east and west sides of the lot. The parcel appears to have a suitable buildable site on the west side. Possible building locations may be located on the east side; however, the east side appears to be susceptible to periodic tidal surges.


According to the USGS Topographic map there does not appear to be any freshwater sources on the subject. Much of the parcels boundaries are beach front or grasslands.


According to the National Wetlands Inventory, the subject does not have any areas of wetlands.

This area is part of the Chugach Terrane, a complex of Mesozoic strata, including sedimentary sandstone, radiolarian chert, and mafic pluton.

Soils appear adequate for improvements.


The parcel is vegetated and treed with Sitka Spruce on the west and east ends. The middle of the lot is beach and grassland, typical of a maritime climate.

Flood Plain

There are no known FEMA Flood insurance rate maps available.


Most of south-central Alaska is classified in “seismic zone 4”. Permitting agencies typically recognize this zone in its application of the uniform building code.

Environmental Issues

None reported or noted


The parcel is un-zoned and the topographic conditions are favorable – suitable for rural residences.


With the surrounding neighborhood characteristics, the most likely use is for seasonal recreation. The parcel appears to have suitable building sites.

Maps & Survey

  • USS 4651

Note: Maps included are for graphic representation only and are intended to be used as a guide. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to review recorded subdivision plats/maps, surveys, and plat notes for specific information on easements, building setbacks, or other restrictions that will affect any individual parcel. Information is made available at the Department of Natural Resources Public Information Centers or on the web at:

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