The Trust Land Office is recruiting for a Land Development Manager

Senior Resource Manager (Land Development Manager)
PCN 10-X007

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office within the Department of Natural Resources is recruiting for the position of Senior Resource Manager (Land Development Manager). This is a range 20, fully exempt, professional position. Salary will be negotiated at the time of hire and will be based upon the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience. The position is located in Anchorage, Alaska, and is offered with a complete State of Alaska benefit package. See position travel requirements below. This position closes May 17, 5 PM AKST.
Note: The Land Development Manager position description encompasses the general lands manager duties. There are three Lands Managers within the Trust Land Office (TLO). The defining characteristic for a single position is its primary program(s) or project(s) of responsibility (Leasing & Land Sales, Land Development, & Easements). These positions are of equal responsibility and necessary skills. Managers may be assigned unique short-term projects or ongoing program responsibilities that encompass all Trust land or are regionally specific.
Reports To: Deputy Director
Direct Reports: None
General Description
The Land Development Manager is statutorily charged with developing economic opportunities and management of stewardship obligations to maintain and enhance the value of Alaska Mental Health Trust (Trust) lands. All activities and functions are for the maximum benefit to the Trust and the Trust’s beneficiaries. The position requires effective, independent, and defensible decision-making skills; the Land Manager should possess analytical and communication skills and have the self-directed ability to act with initiative. This position also requires the capability to perform financial analysis, planning, and reporting activities.
Distinguishing Characteristics
The Land Development Manager is an advanced-level professional position in the Land Section whose duties are performed under minimal supervision. This position requires a high level of initiative and independence. The primary role centers around project management, salesmanship, entrepreneurship, and development of the Trust’s surface estate and encompasses the full responsibility of all the TLO’s land development projects statewide, including planning, analysis, reporting, marketing, and execution. This position seeks and encourages the development of subdivision and real estate projects on Trust land that are in the Trust’s best interest, and engages with the individuals, organizations, communities, businesses and governments to market and generate revenue on Trust lands. This position participates or leads complex negotiations and the development and implementation of innovative and novel approaches to problem-solving barriers and reaching various types of agreements.
The position serves as a primary contact with other agencies, special interest groups, and the public for matters pertaining to the programs of focus statewide.  Typical responsibility includes adjudication of new applications for negotiated land sales, or other surface uses as assigned on Trust land. This includes evaluation of applicant qualifications, analysis of revenue and risk, review of transactional documents such as title, appraisal, survey, and agreement negotiations, and written recommendations to senior TLO staff. The Manager carries land use transactions to completion and subsequently engages in ongoing management.
The Manager will, as often as necessary, meet with outside parties to reach desired outcomes and must represent the TLO in a professional manner. This position typically interacts with: Professionals including developers, appraisers, architects, attorneys, bankers, engineers, consultants, and title representatives. Purchasers and sellers. Local, state, and federal government agencies. Senior and mid-managers from various companies. Members of the public and business communities.  
Examples of Duties

Work with the Administrative section on existing authorizations, contracts, and other agreements on Trust lands, through activities including, but not limited to, rent collection and adjustment, insurance and bonding maintenance, agreement termination, mitigation and resolution of trespass, and general customer relations.
Perform field work to evaluate the status of Trust land that includes, but is not limited to, drone photography, environmental hazards assessment, trespass, improper use, and general stewardship activities.
Development of subdivision projects, platting actions, joint ventures, exchanges, negotiated disposals, or other agreements to generate revenues.
Prepare pro forma analysis, budgets, and reports for specific projects on developments that generate strong returns.
Prepare required transactional documents including, but not limited to white papers, briefing documents, Trust consultations, best interest decisions, decisions to proceed, and public notices.
Participate in planning for asset management, land sales programs, and resource development strategies with the Deputy Director and other staff.
Identify potential land sale markets and work with the Leasing & Land Sales Manager to create an inventory of new subdivisions to be incorporated into the land sale programs.
Coordinate necessary surveys, appraisals, web site updates, and land administration system database updates.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Analytical and verbal skills necessary to assist or represent the Executive or Deputy Director in negotiating and evaluating the implications of various actions on Trust land. Ability to prepare electronic standard accounting/financial documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Ability to utilize GIS, mapping software, and GPS units for gathering parcel attribute data. Understanding of settlements, statutes, regulations, and resource management strategy that guide procedures and practices at the TLO. Familiarity with the State of Alaska procurement process. Flexibility to adapt to multiple and changing priorities. TLO priorities may be determined by the TLO Executive or Deputy Director requiring prompt revision of the daily schedule. Entrepreneurial skills to develop land resources and generate revenues on potential new business opportunities to fulfill TLO fiduciary responsibility from beginning to project completion. Ability to work effectively with and manage a wide variety of professionals involved in land management and their associated work products including attorneys, architects, engineers, real estate consultants, developers, investors, contractors, purchasers and sellers, as well as management, staff, and public officials in various levels of government with varying skills, including prioritizing their efforts for the benefit of the TLO. Strong project management skills for complex land development and construction project management and contract administration. Excellent written, verbal, and technical skills appropriate for professional communications with legal, financial, technical, and managerial professionals, and a wide range of third-party professionals. General business background to prepare pro forma analysis, budgets, and reports for specific projects on developments. Ability to quickly assimilate new industry and regulatory practices and apply such practices to assignments. Ability to think outside the box.
The position requires statewide travel throughout Alaska year-round, occasionally up to 50% of a work month (75 hours) during field season.

How to Apply
To apply for this position, please email Blain Alfonso at and include a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and three professional references. Inquiries are confidential. All documents must be submitted no later than May 17, 5 PM AKST.
The State of Alaska is an equal employment opportunity employer and supports workplace diversity. Individuals requiring accommodation should call 1-800-587-0430 V/1-800-770-8973 TTY/TDD (Relay Alaska).