The Trust is looking for qualified applicants to join its board of trustees

The Alaska Mental Health Trust provides leadership in the advocacy, planning, implementing and catalytic funding of services to improve Alaska’s mental health system, and seeks to improve the lives of its beneficiaries. Beneficiaries include Alaskans who experience: mental illness, intellectual/developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, or traumatic brain injury.

Duties of the board of trustees include:

  • Enhance and protect the trust
  • Propose a budget for Alaska’s Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program
  • Coordinate with statutory advisory boards and other state agencies on programs and services that affect beneficiaries
  • Report to stakeholders about the Trust’s activities

Membership on this dynamic board is based on ability in financial management and investment, in land management, or in services for the beneficiaries of the trust. Additionally, applicants cannot have worked for an organization or served on a board of an organization that received a grant or contract from the Trust within the last two years.

The extended deadline for applications is November 20, 2020

For more information about applying, please visit the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions.

Boards and Commissions Fact Sheet: Alaska Mental Health Trust Board of Trustees.