Public Notice for the Decision for a Negotiated Timber Sale – Hollis – Prince of Wales Island – MHT 9101091

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the provisions of AS 38.05.801 and 11 AAC 99, the Executive Director of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office (TLO) has determined that it is in the best interest of the Alaska Mental Health Trust and its beneficiaries to complete a negotiated timber sale of certain Trust land to Viking Lumber Company, Inc. The basis for this determination is explained in a written best interest decision prepared by the Executive Director pursuant to 11 AAC 99.040.

The Trust land affected by the decision is one mile north of the community of Hollis on Prince of Wales Island and is more particularly described as:  Copper River Meridian, Township 73 South, Range 84 East, Sec. 14, lots 1 to 5 inclusive: Sec, 15 lot 1; Sec. 22, lot 1; Sec. 23, lots 1 and 2; Sec. 24, lot 1; Sec. 25, lot, 2; Sec. 26 lot 2; Containing 1,438 acres (CRM-7061).

Persons who wish to submit a qualified competing offer as described in Section XIII of the best interest decision, believe that the written decision should be altered because it is not in the best interest of the Trust or its beneficiaries, or because the decision is inconsistent with Trust management principles set out in 11 AAC 99.020, or any other provision of 11 AAC 99, must provide written comments on or before 4:30 PM, March 18, 2021. Qualified competing offers and/or comments should be submitted to the TLO at 2600 Cordova Street, Suite 201, Anchorage, AK  99503, or by fax (907) 269-8905 or email Following the comment deadline, the Executive Director will consider timely comments that question the decision on the basis of the best interest of the Alaska Mental Health Trust and its beneficiaries or inconsistency with 11 AAC 99, and the best interest decision may be changed in response to such written comments or other information. Commenting parties will be provided a copy of the final best interest decision after the end of the notice period.

To be eligible to file for reconsideration of the best interest decision, or to file a subsequent appeal to the Superior Court, a person must have submitted written comments during the notice period. Eligible persons will have twenty (20) calendar days after published notice of or receipt of the final written decision to request that the Executive Director reconsider the decision under 11 AAC 99.060(b).

To view the full Best Interest Decision and Public Notice, please see below: