New Parcels Added to Trust Over-the-Counter Land Sale Inventory

New inventory has been added to the Trust Land Office’s Over the Counter (OTC) land sales program, which allows anyone to purchase designated Mental Health Trust land parcels at a fixed price.

Learn more about available parcels in Northern, Southcentral, Southeast Regions, and how to purchase Trust land on our Over the Counter Land Sale website.

The OTC sales include unique parcels on the road system, in remote locations, as well as island, and river, ocean, and lakefront parcels. Photos, maps, survey details, parcel access, and additional information including the purchase price is available for each parcel on the Trust land auction webpage:

Current OTC offerings are located in/near:

• Big Delta
• Big Lake Area
• Ester
• Fox
• Glennallen
• Kasilof
• Ketchikan
• Kodiak
• Meyers Chuck
• Nenana
• Skagway
• Wrangell
• Yakutat

Policies and procedures for purchasing an OTC parcel, which include additional details about the sale, can be found on the OTC webpage referenced above. Purchasers may elect to either make a lump sum payment for payoff or eligible purchasers may use TLO financing.

The Trust Land Office has a responsibility to maximize revenue generation from Trust land assets and does so by selling and developing its land and resources. Revenue generated from the fall land sale and other activities on Trust lands help fund programs and services that support Trust beneficiaries across the state.

About the Trust Land Office The Trust Land Office resides within the Department of Natural Resources and is contracted exclusively by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority to manage its approximately one million acres of land and other non-cash assets to generate revenue. Decisions approving use of Trust lands and resources are made solely in the interest of the Trust and its beneficiaries in line with Trust principles and the Alaska Mental Health Enabling Act.