The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority (Trust) welcomes Dr. John Morris to the board of trustees. Trustee Morris was appointed by Governor Dunleavy and recently unanimously confirmed by the Alaska Legislature.

Dr. Morris feels a deep commitment to Alaska and those who live here. He has both formal training and professional daily experience with patients experiencing brain injuries and disease, mental illness and developmental challenges. He has published on the care of patients with neuropsychiatric disease as well as the effects of pain on development, among other topics. Dr. Morris previously served as the Homeless Coordinator for Anchorage where he worked to develop a data driven, outcomes-based system designed to prevent any Alaskan from being unhoused. He currently resides in Anchorage.

“Dr. Morris’s personal experience in healthcare, public service as well as financial management brings valuable skills and perspective to the board,” said Anita Halterman, Board Chair. “We appreciate his service and look forward to working with Trustee Morris to improve outcomes for Alaska’s most vulnerable populations.”

Board Chair Anita Halterman, who was reappointed by the Governor, was also unanimously confirmed to a new five-year term by the Legislature. There are seven trustees that oversee the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. Learn more.


About the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is a state corporation that administers a perpetual trust created to ensure that Alaska has a comprehensive mental health program to serve people with mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, substance related disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, and traumatic brain injury. The Trust is completely self-funded and operates much like a private foundation, using its resources to support grantmaking and advocacy to improve the lives and circumstances of Trust beneficiaries.

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