july, 2017

31jul01augWORK SESSION MEETING (2-day)


Event Details

The Trust is overseen by a seven-member board of trustees. Under Alaska statute, trustees are appointed by the governor and must be confirmed by the Legislature. The appointments are for five-year staggered terms. When a trustee’s term expires the individual continues to serve until re-appointed and reconfirmed by the Legislature or until a new trustee is appointed and confirmed.

Board Members:

  • Mary Jane Michael, Chair
  • Chris Cooke, Vice-Chair
  • Laraine Derr, Secretary
  • Verné Boerner
  • Paula Easley
  • Jerome Selby
  • Carlton Smith

Trustee Retreat / Worksession to discuss the Governance Project



July 31 (Monday) 8:30 am - August 1 (Tuesday) 2:30 am


Mike Abbottmike.abbott@alaska.gov 907-334-5909