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The board of trustees of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority has established a program and planning committee to assist the board in the program and planning oversight of the Trust.

The role of the program and planning committee will be to complete the following activities in consultation with the chief executive officer (CEO), executive director of mental health policy and programs, and others as necessary:

  • Ensure development of program policies to meet needs and improve the circumstances of beneficiaries; and recommend to the board for approval;
  • Oversee implementation of plans at the direction of and on behalf of the board in accordance with the Trust statutes and regulations and the committee charter adopted by the board;
  • Work with the executive director of mental health policy and programs to identify and forecast the status and needs of beneficiaries;
  • Review program policies and plans to meet needs and improve circumstances of beneficiaries; and recommends to the board for approval as appropriate;
  • Evaluate the implementation of approved policies and plans affecting beneficiaries;
  • Assure that the Trust Authority Office is working with the Department of Health and Social Services to complete and review status of / monitor status and outcomes annually update the comprehensive integrated mental health program;
  • Serve as the primary interface for statutory advisory boards;
  • Review the Trust’s memoranda of agreement with statutory advisory boards as outlined in the MOAs or not less than every 3 years and recommends for approval to the board of trustees; and
  • Provide the committee’s written input and feedback to the CEO in support of the annual performance evaluation of executive director of mental health policy and programs.

Public Comment
A public comment period during Trust committee meetings may be scheduled based upon recommendations of staff.  Public Comment periods allow individuals to inform and advise the board about issues, problems or concerns. See our public comment guidelines for details and how to participate.  To help the public comment period be more efficient and effective, please participate via the webinar links below.




October 26, 2016 9:00 am - 10:45 am(GMT-08:00)


3745 Community Park Loop Anchorage, AK 99508

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