Best Interest Decision Affirmed – Competitive Timber Sale – Naukati Young Growth – Naukati – MHT 9101044

MHT: 9101044

MH Parcel(s): CRM-7062 & 7063

Action:  Adopt the Best Interest Decision dated July 14, 2021, regarding the above referenced disposal as final, without modification. This decision document, combined with the Best Interest Decision dated 7/14/2021, constitutes the final decision on this matter, in accordance with 11 AAC 99.040.

Notice under 11 AAC 99.050.  The Trust Land Office published the public notice of the decision, to dispose through competitive process, in the Anchorage Daily News and Ketchikan Daily News on July 30, 2021, on the State of Alaska’s online public notice website, and distributed the notice to Craig, Alaska, Sealaska Regional Native Corporation, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and other interested public and private parties on July 30, 2021.

Summary of Comments:  One comment was received from the State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT/PF) reminding the Trust Land Office (TLO) that trees and other resources may not be removed from the right of way of State Highways without explicit permission from DOT/PF.  Additionally, access to/ from the DOT/PF right of way or use of the right of way for staging or storage may require a permit.

Trust Authority Consultation:  The Alaska Mental Health Trust Resource Management Committee was consulted on April 22, 202. The Alaska Mental Health board of trustees was consulted on May 26, 2021.

Modifications:  As no comments were received suggesting that the Best Interest Decision dated 7/14/2021 should be substantively modified in any way to better serve the interest of the Trust and its beneficiaries, the Executive Director has determined that no change shall be made to that document.

Final Decision of the Executive Director:  Considering all of the above, the Executive Director of the Trust Land Office hereby adopts the Best Interest Decision dated July 14, 2021 as final.

Reconsideration:  Persons who submitted timely written comments during the notice period that ended August 30, 2021, are eligible to request reconsideration of this final best interest decision under 11 AAC 99.060(b) within 20 calendar days after publication of the notice or receipt of the final decision, whichever is earlier. A request for reconsideration must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director. This request must be accompanied by the fee established by the Executive Director under 11 AAC 99.130, which has been set at $500, to be eligible for reconsideration. Before filing an appeal to the Superior Court under AS 44.62.560, a person must be eligible to request and must actually request reconsideration within the time specified above. The Executive Director shall order or deny reconsideration within 20 calendar days after receiving the written request for reconsideration. If the Executive Director takes no action during the 20-day period following the request, the request is considered denied.  Denial of a request for reconsideration is the final administrative decision for purposes of appeal to the superior court under AS 44.62.560.

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MHT 9101044 Best Interest Decision Affirmed