OTC: Wrangell – Shoemaker Bay (MHT 9100162)

MHT Number: 9100162

Purchase Price: $260,000.00

Parcel Acres: 8.24

Lot: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Parcel Road Access: Yes

MH Parcel Number: CRM-2463, CRM-2464, CRM-2465, CRM-2466, and CRM-2467,

Survey: USS 2921

MTRS: C062S084E19,20

Region: Southeast

General Location: Wrangell


The City and Borough of Wrangell is located on the northwest tip of Wrangell Island, 155 miles south of Juneau and 89 miles northwest of Ketchikan. It is near the mouth of the Stikine River, a historic trade route to the Canadian Interior.

Wrangell falls within the southeast maritime climate zone, characterized by cool summers, mild winters and heavy rain throughout the year. Fog is common in Wrangell from September through December.

How to Access

The property has access that is very limited. Most of the lots have frontage to the highway on the western boundaries but are boarded with cliff faces and are not individually accessible. There is potential to access all the lots from Lot 5 which can be accessed by the Zimovia Highway.


Electricity is in the area and it is recommended to prospective bidders to assess the accessibility.

There are no public water and sewer services available. Water is typically handled by private wells and sewer is typically handled by private septic systems which will have to conform to Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requirements.

Muni/Borough Authority

The parcels are located in the Wrangell Borough and are subject to real property taxation.

Additional Notes

To view the parcel on the interactive map, please click the link: Parcel Viewer

Maps and Survey

Note: Maps included are for graphic representation only and are intended to be used as a guide. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to review recorded subdivision plats/maps, surveys, and plat notes for specific information on easements, building setbacks, or other restrictions that will affect any individual parcel. Information is made available at the Department of Natural Resources Public Information Centers or on the web at: http://dnr.alaska.gov/landrecords/

How to Purchase

For information on how to purchase this parcel, please visit and review the posted Policy and Procedures for the Over the Counter Land Sales.