Legislative Audit

In December 2016, the Legislative Audit and Budget Committee authorized an audit of the Mental Health Trust Authority. The audit has now been finalized and was accepted by the committee on June 5, 2018.  The audit essentially confirms the concerns that initiated the audit and were reported 18 months ago.

We appreciate the audit’s recommendations regarding necessary improvements for the Trust’s decision-making and meeting practices. Most of the report’s concerns in that area have already been addressed. Additional training for trustees and staff has already begun to ensure future compliance.

We respectfully disagree with the audit’s assertion that the Trust should not have invested in commercial real estate. It was a positive policy decision for our beneficiaries that has generated approximately $3 million more than would have been available for grants.

We also agree with one of the most important findings, that trustees and staff were always well-intentioned and trying to create more resources to support Trust beneficiaries. The Trust is committed to working with our beneficiaries, advisory boards, providers, legislators, administration and other stakeholders to ensure that future Trust activity meets high standards for quality of public service and maximum effort to improve the lives of Trust beneficiaries.

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