HB 172 & SB 124 Materials

As a part of ongoing efforts to improve Alaska's response to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis, changes to Alaska's Title 47 laws have been proposed.  Below you will find materials and links associated with House Bill 172, and Senate Bill 124 - both introduced by Governor Dunleavy in April 2021. 

Update: HB172 was passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Dunleavy on July 18, 2022 - the measure is now enacted.

FAQs - Crisis Stabilization in Alaska: Understanding HB172  (Department of Health, Sept. 2022)

Additional Information

For more information about efforts to improve Alaska's Behavioral Health Crisis response, please visit: https://alaskamentalhealthtrust.org/alaska-mental-health-trust-authority/what-we-do/crisis-continuum-of-care/ 

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Williams, Chief Operating Officer:  Steve.Williams@alaska.gov