HB 172 & Report to Legislature

As a part of ongoing efforts to improve Alaska's response to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis, changes to Alaska's Title 47 laws were made through the introduction and passage of HB172. 

Below you will find materials and links associated with House Bill 172,introduced by Governor Dunleavy in April 2021, passed by the Legislature, and signed into law in July 2022. 

FAQs - Crisis Stabilization in Alaska: Understanding HB172  (Department of Health, Sept. 2022)

HB172 Report to the Legislature

HB172 Report OverviewHB 172 also provides an opportunity to address concerns regarding psychiatric patient rights by directing the Trust, the Department of Health, and the Department of Family and Community Services to submit a report to the legislature and the public.

The report, which must be submitted to the Legislature by October 2023, will include recommendations related to psychiatric patient rights, and for collecting data related patient experiences.

For more information about this report, including a timeline and public input opportunities, see our Overview: HB172 Report to the Legislature.

Additional Information

For more information about efforts to improve Alaska's Behavioral Health Crisis response, please visit: https://alaskamentalhealthtrust.org/alaska-mental-health-trust-authority/what-we-do/crisis-continuum-of-care/ 

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Baldwin Johnson, Chief Operating Officer:  Katie.Johnson@alaska.gov.