Grant Recognition Guidelines

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority promotes projects, initiatives, and efforts to improves the lives and circumstances of beneficiaries that are supported by Trust grants through media relations, feature stories in our publications such as annual reports, and through our website and social media accounts.

Sharing information about a Trust grant helps increase awareness of both the good work being supported by Trust funds, but also how the Trust supports beneficiaries across Alaska – all of which strengthens our collective efforts to educate the public about beneficiary needs.

Grantee Responsibilities

If your organization receives a grant from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, please publicly recognize our grant support wherever possible. We understand that the type of recognition you can provide may depend upon the nature of your project and organization.

Here are some ways you can recognize Trust support:

  • Use the Trust logo on any print and audio-visual materials produced to publicize or share information about the project
  • Place Trust logo on your website and if possible, link it to
  • Mention your Trust grant during any speaking engagements before a civic, professional, or community group about your funded efforts.
  • Include news of your grant in publications your organization produces, such as newsletters, annual reports, lists of supporters, etc.
  • Issue a media release announcing your grant.
  • Notify the Trust in advance of any plans to hold a media event, create a photo opportunity, or distribute a news release to publicize your initiative and/or recognize your grant so we can be prepared to respond to inquiries or try to attend your event.
  • Put the Trust on your distribution list so we receive copies of communications that highlight work being supported by Trust funds:
  • Tag and mention the Trust in social media posts related to work being supported by a Trust funds
  • Inform us about any media coverage of your work supported by Trust funds so that we can keep track of news generated by our grantees and can consider using our communications tools to “boost the signal” of your coverage.
  • Send us photographs that will help us tell the story of how your project/initiative is improving outcomes for Trust beneficiaries. Because we may use these photos for Trust external communications, please include photo releases signed by all subjects in the photographs.

Acknowledging Your Grant

Please use the following language to acknowledge your Trust grants:

This project was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.

Please always refer to the “Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.”  You may use “the Trust” on the second and subsequent references.

Description of the Trust

If you need a description of the Trust, please use the following:

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is a state corporation that administers the Alaska Mental Health Trust, a perpetual trust, to improve the lives of beneficiaries. The Trust operates much like a private foundation, using its resources to ensure that Alaska has a comprehensive integrated mental health program.


The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is a perpetual trust that uses its resources to ensure that Alaska has a comprehensive integrated mental health program to serve Trust beneficiaries.

Trust Logos

Please respect the following guidelines when including the Trust logo:

  • Always use the logo in its entirety
  • Do not alter the color of the logo
  • Do not rotate, angle, or twist the logo
  • Do not change the font or resize the text in the logo
  • Use the full color logo whenever possible, placing it on a white background. Our reverse logo (100% white) may be used on a color or photo background if there is adequate contrast

Downloadable Logo Files (click to enlarge, then save as)

If you have additional questions related to these guideline or the communication of Trust grants, please contact Allison Biastock, Chief Communications Officer, 907-334-2531,