Page 9 - 2018 MHT Annual Report
P. 9

 Grant Making
The Trust designates a majority of its
annual budget for grants to beneficiaries, nonprofits, service providers, tribal entities, governmental agencies and other groups that prioritize goals and initiatives consistent with the Trust’s mission. These grants are provided across the state for community- based projects, statewide efforts and through mini grants. Trustees authorized $20,500,000 in grants in FY 2018.
The Trust provides grants to our partners for a variety of purposes including: capacity building, planning, outreach, equipment purchases and training. Grants are awarded to organizations that represent one or more Trust beneficiary groups whose priorities are
aligned with the Trust and help ensure Alaska has a comprehensive integrated continuum of healthcare for Trust beneficiaries.
The Trust remains committed to the development of a long-term Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan and is working closely with the state and other partner agencies to implement a plan to guide funding and services into the future and improve the lives of Trust beneficiaries.
The Trust, on average, grants $10 million per year to various state agencies, that
must have receipt authority to expend these funds. These funds are referred to as Mental Health Trust Authority Authorized Receipt Grants, or MHTAAR grants.

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