Page 7 - 2018 MHT Annual Report
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  related disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia and traumatic brain injuries. The Trust is the only organization of its kind in the
United States. It works similarly to a private foundation, funding projects and programs that promote long-term systemic change and improve the lives and circumstances of beneficiaries.
A further condition of the settlement established an independent board
of trustees, appointed by the
governor and confirmed by the
Alaska Legislature, to oversee Trust operations. Trustees are required by statute to recommend to the governor and legislature operating and capital budgets for state general funds to support the state’s comprehensive integrated mental health program. The governor must then propose and the legislature must pass a separate mental health budget bill.
I really like working here. For me, I feel independent. Especially I like working with other people and by myself, and helping others that need help.
— Trust Beneficiary, Ketchikan

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