Page 8 - 2018 MHT Annual Report
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The Trust Land Office, a special unit within the Department of Natural Resources, manages its approximately one million acres of land and other non-cash assets to generate revenue. Decisions approving use of Trust lands and resources are made solely in the interest of the Trust and its beneficiaries and in line with Trust principles.
The Trust Land Office structures management around seven asset classes:
land, minerals and materials, program- related real estate, forests, real estate, energy and mitigation marketing. Revenue- generating uses of Trust land include land leasing and sales; real estate investment and development; commercial timber sales; mineral exploration and production; coal, oil and gas exploration and development; sand, gravel and rock sales; and other general land uses.
   I was the chief of police for 20 years. Some dispatchers couldn’t
deal with the calls. Hearing a mom scream that her kid is choking to death or her husband’s not breathing. We had to bring debriefing teams
all the way from Ketchikan to help them get through it. A lot of people self-medicate, you know, alcohol and drugs. And then that just exacerbates their problem.
— Community Member, Craig

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