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Individual or “mini” grants range up to $2,500 each, and can be used for a broad range of equipment, supplies and services to improve quality of life, increase independent functioning, dental services not covered by Medicaid, and help to attain and maintain healthy and productive lifestyles. Over 1,200 mini grants were awarded in FY 2018. These individual grants are administered through partner agencies and awarded monthly throughout the year.
CAPACITY BUILDING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Because the Trust relies on the statewide system of nonprofit organizations and
Partner Grantee: The Bethel Holistic Defense Project
The Bethel Holistic Defense Project is based on the Center for Holistic Defense in Brooklyn, New York. The project is a partnership between the Public Defender Agency and the Alaska Legal Services Corporation. This team identifies and provides services for Trust beneficiaries who are engaged with the
justice system.
The team consists of a criminal attorney
to ensure the participants’ criminal legal needs are addressed, a social worker who assists with the participants’ unmet social support needs and a civil legal aid attorney who works with the team to address the
government agencies to serve beneficiaries and their families, it invests approximately $500,000 annually toward capacity
building and technical assistance. The Trust’s Technical Assistance and Proposal Development resource pairs Trust consultant expertise with recipient agencies to
address organizational challenges, improve planning, increase agency and/or initiative sustainability, improve access and leverage additional grant funding. These funds support the stability of partner organizations and bring additional funding to the state to advance Trust-related initiatives. In addition to contractual resources, the Trust supported organizations through 49 capacity building partnership grants.
participants’ civil legal needs. All program services are designed to address participant obstacles to successful reintegration in an effort to reduce recidivism. In FY 2018, 150 Trust beneficiaries received services through the project that included: case management, benefit applications and appeals, housing issue support and connection to mental health/substance abuse services.
Partner Grantee: Alaska’s Aging and Disability Resource Centers
The Trust supports Alaska’s Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) that connect seniors, people with disabilities and caregivers with long-term services and supports of their choice. The ADRC network serves Alaskans statewide, regardless of

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