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 In addition to our traditional program and advocacy work, the Trust also accomplished significant governance improvements last year. Leadership changes and a legislative audit created opportunities to address concerns about Trust decision-making and investment practices. As a result, the Trust has cemented more transparent governance processes in our bylaws and policies. As in any healthy organization with a long-term outlook, vigilance to ensure we comply with our obligations to beneficiaries, legal requirements and stakeholder expectations will continue for the foreseeable future.
Next year, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the settlement that created the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and established the independent board of trustees. We look forward to honoring our partners and the Alaskans who helped create the Trust as we know it today:
An organization that provides leadership in the advocacy, planning and implementation of supports for Trust beneficiaries, and that applies its resources to tackle the evolving challenges they face.
Mary Jane Michael, Board Chair
Mike Abbott, Chief Executive Officer
Mary Jane Michael was named board chair in 2017. She is a long-serving trustee and has been actively engaged in disability advocacy and community development for more than 35 years. Mike Abbott joined the Trust as CEO in late 2017. He is a long-time Alaskan and has a broad career in public service, including service as the Anchorage Municipal Manager.
Mary Jane Michael,
Board Chair
Jerome Selby, Vice Chair, Finance Committee Chair
Carlton Smith, Secretary, Resource Management Committee Chair
Verné Boerner
Christopher R. Cooke,
Program & Planning Committee Chair
Laraine Derr, Audit & Risk Committee Chair
Paula Easley

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