Page 25 - 2018 MHT Annual Report
P. 25

Constantine Metal Resources continues exploration work on the “Haines Block,” focusing on regional target generation and the extension of the Palmer copper, zinc, silver and gold deposit onto adjacent Trust lands. Main exploration activities include drilling, reconnaissance geochemical sampling, geological mapping and environmental baseline studies.
Because the Trust owns the mineral interest in the Fort Knox mine, each year the Trust earns royalties on the mine’s gold production. Since the mine’s royalty payments began, Fort Knox has generated more than $24 million for the Trust. In June 2018, Fort Knox announced that it will be moving forward with an expansion that will yield
an estimated 1.5 million additional ounces
of gold, and potentially extend the mine’s operations and royalty payments to the Trust, through 2030.
   My husband’s grandma had Alzheimer’s and I helped take care of her. Her forgetting how to eat, forgetting how to walk, forgetting just all of it... was very, very hard.
— Caregiver of Trust Beneficiary, Dillingham

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