Page 23 - 2018 MHT Annual Report
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The Trust Land Office (TLO) manages natural resources that include: coal; oil and gas; minerals; construction material such as armor rock, sand and gravel; and industrial heavy minerals such as garnet, rutile, zircon and epidote. Commodity prices have only risen slightly in FY 2018, further prolonging challenges for companies operating in the oil and gas and mining sectors to attract new investment for exploration and development.
In a continued effort to adapt to the market, the TLO has responded to market changes by adjusting promotional methods and technical products to gain an advantage, and partnering with industries to leverage financial resources to keep exploration on Trust land moving forward. The Minerals and Energy section participated in various mining and exploration conventions,
and made presentations describing the exploration activities and opportunities that exist on Trust lands. The TLO also presented and marketed mineral opportunities directly to key players in the industry. This visibility is expected to improve the field of
Icy Cape Exploration Camp
competition for Trust leases and increase revenue over time.
The TLO conducted further exploration work on its Icy Cape property. The Icy Cape Gold and Industrial Heavy Minerals Project is designed as a staged and incremental effort with its focus on evaluation of the potential for development of gold and industrial heavy mineral resources. The elevated marine sand deposits contain garnet and epidote group minerals, rutile and zircon, as well as gold and platinum placers.
Icy Cape

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