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   Exploration, sampling and testing during Phase 1 (FY 2016) and Phase 2 (FY 2017)
of the project confirmed the high quality
and marketability of the property’s mineral concentrates and their use in industrial applications. Mineralogical and metallurgical test work on gold, platinum and heavy minerals separation and recovery methods are ongoing. Results of an aeromagnetic survey conducted in FY 2017 depicted areas of high concentration of heavy minerals and patterns consistent with deposit models developed by the exploration team.
In FY 2018 the TLO conducted Phase 3 of the project, which included stratigraphic framework and resource assessment drilling resulting in more than 7,000 feet of sonic core confirming the existence of gold and
heavy minerals-containing sediments. Assay results are pending.
The TLO is continuing its dialogue with global heavy minerals mining companies and producers of industrial mineral products to promote development of this unique mineral property and to develop a market for its unusual variety of valuable industrial mineral species. Infrastructure from timber harvest activities in Icy Cape, such as tidewater access, a road system and an airstrip, will facilitate the development of this remote area.
The TLO has held annual public informational meetings in Yakutat and Cordova to discuss the Icy Cape project and will continue to update the public as the project advances.
Coal $39,853
 Legacy Mining Claims $155,300
Minerals $397,058
Oil & Gas $137,282
Legacy Mining Minerals
Oil & Gas

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