Page 30 - 2018 MHT Annual Report
P. 30

The Trust’s long-term strategy implemented in FY 2012 to mitigate risk in the Trust’s holdings through geographic and property type diversification continues to pay dividends.
Recently, the TLO has focused its efforts on stabilization of its real estate investment activities. This has generally included establishing long-term leases with credit worthy tenants, diversification of lease
expiration dates within individual real property assets, and ensuring that all routine, preventative maintenance and other property management considerations are attended to. To this end, the TLO finalized a lease renewal at its Ogden, Utah property with the United States General Services Administration for 10 years commencing in January 2019. The total consideration for this lease is over
$21 million.
   Down and out, I’ve been there so I know what I’m talking about, when you’re so down and out you lose all your confidence. You don’t have any confidence or self-esteem. You drink just to get through the day and in the back of your mind you’re just waiting for somebody to come and say, ‘Hey, let me help you.’
— Trust Beneficiary, Nome

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