Page 28 - 2018 MHT Annual Report
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 Real Estate
Real estate management is segregated
into three management areas: Real Estate Development (develop existing surface
estate for commercial real estate), Program- Related Real Estate (real estate program
for beneficiary purposes) and Real Estate Investment (management of current real estate investments). Each focus area requires a distinct strategy.
Vacant Trust land in high value areas continues to provide unique opportunities
for revenue as unencumbered land continues to increase in value. Additionally, vacant holdings in high value areas may be lacking basic infrastructure so efforts are undertaken to provide needed infrastructure for the development of these parcels.
Real estate development agreements generated approximately $814,133 of spendable income revenue in FY 2018.
The Trust Land Office (TLO) manages multiple surface leases throughout the state and strives to establish additional long-
term surface leases capable of generating additional spendable income for the Trust. Current efforts include initial planning at the Juneau Subport, creation of a development RFP for the Trust’s U-Med Anchorage holdings, and a master planning effort of the Trust’s Community Park holdings.
The Trust continues to evaluate the acquisition of real estate assets for the specific purpose of serving Trust beneficiaries where

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