OTC: Eielson / Salcha


The Eielson Farm Road area is located approximately 15 miles southeast of Fairbanks on the Richardson Highway, near Eielson Airforce Base.


Parcel: MHT 9400371

  • 16.065 Acres
  • MTRS: F003S003E27
  • Survey: ASLS 80-142
  • Lot 2 in Block 12
  • MHPAR: FM-0638
  • Purchase Price: $39,000.00  SOLD
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Access is from the Old Valdez trail and Eielson Farm Road.

Municipal Authority

The parcels are located within the Fairbanks North Star Borough and are subject to real property taxation.  The parcels are zoned General Use 1 (GU-1).


Electricity and phone service is available along the road frontage. Public water and sewer are not available in the area.   Water is typically handled by a private well or holding tank and sewer is typically handled by a private septic system which would have to conform to Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation requirements.


Vegetation on the parcels includes black spruce, white spruce, cottonwood and some birch trees in more stable soils.  Soils vary from dry gravel base underneath thin topsoil to permafrost areas.

For more information about Salcha go to:

Fairbanks North Star Borough: http://www.co.fairbanks.ak.us/
State of Alaska, Division of Parks: http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/units/harding.htm

Maps & Survey

  • Alaska State Land Survey 80-142
  • Note: Maps included are for graphic representation only and are intended to be used as a guide. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to review recorded subdivision plats/maps, surveys, and plat notes for specific information on easements, building setbacks, or other restrictions that will affect any individual parcel. Information is made available at the Department of Natural Resources Public Information Centers or on the web at: http://dnr.alaska.gov/landrecords/