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Little Tutka Bay


Little Tutka Bay is on the south shore of Kachemak Bay, approximately 8 miles northeast of the City of Seldovia, a 15-minute flight across from Homer, or a 45-minute water taxi ride from Homer (Lat, Lon: 59 28'30"N, -151 29'20"W). The area provides excellent recreational opportunities such as hiking, kayaking, beachcombing, fishing, and camping. There are a number of maintained trails and some public use cabins within the Kachemak Bay State Park on the south side of Kachemak Bay. Typical residential improvements in the area range from small rustic cabins to large custom homes. There are some commercial lodges interspersed in the neighborhood.


MHT 9200740

  • 24 acres
  • Mental Health Parcel Number: SM-5020
  • Kenai Peninsula Borough Tax ID: 19109055
  • Located in Sections 15, 16, 21 & 22, Township 8 South, Range 13 West, Seward Meridian
  • Survey: BLM Cadastral
  • Tract B
  • Not Available - Currently Leased
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Access to the parcel is by boat or float plane, depending on the tide. The south beach front in Little Tutka Bay appears to be the most protected.


The parcel has unobstructed views of Tutka Bay, Kachemak Bay and Little Tutka Bay.

Municipal Authority

The parcel is within the Kenai Peninsula Borough and is subject to property taxation.


There are no easements on the subject property.

Water Frontage & Shape

The site is very irregular. The meander of the water frontage is approximately ±3,250 LF. There are many submerged rocks in the immediate area and there are not many suitable beaches for water landings. The subject is not platted and is legally described by the Rectangular Survey System. The size is described as contained 16.00 acres, more or less.

Improvements or Trespass

None observed.

Public Restrictions

The Kenai Peninsula Borough is divided into 2 zoning districts. The municipal district includes all the area within cities which have exercised zoning power through the adoption of a municipal ordinance. The rural district includes the rest of the area of the borough. Land use in the rural district shall be unrestricted.

Environmental Restrictions

Subject to Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation regulations for on-site water and waste-water disposal systems.

Conservation Restrictions

The Kachemak Bay State Park, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and the Kenai Fjords National Park are all located within or near Kachemak Bay. The subject does not appear to be located within any of these units.

Private Restrictions

We are not aware of any private restrictions.

Other Restrictions

Other restrictions related to navigable waters and/or tide-lines may apply.


The subject property has no on-site utilities. Electricity is located on the adjacent parcel to the south. No public water or sewer is available in the area. Water in the area is typically obtained by rain water collection systems and septic will need to be provided on-site and meet Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requirements.


Primarily level to rolling with the highest point near the approximate center of the parcel. There are areas of sand/gravel beach and rock outcroppings sporadically located along the ocean frontage. The parcel appears to have more than one suitable buildable site.


According to the National Wetlands Inventory, the subject has a minor area of Estuarine and Marine Wetland. According to the USGS Topographic map there does not appear to be any freshwater sources on the subject.


This area is part of the Chugach Terrane, a complex of Mesozoic strata, including sedimentary sandstone, radiolarian chert, and mafic pluton. No known soil surveys are reported for this parcel. Soils appear adequate for improvements as evidenced by structures on neighboring parcels.


The site is heavily treed with large Sitka Spruce and Hemlock trees. Underbrush and mossy overgrowth, typical of a maritime climate.

Flood Plain

No known FEMA flood insurance rate maps are available for the area. The parcel appears to be out of any flood plain and above the high tide water mark.


A seismic map is not available. Most of south-central Alaska is classified in “seismic zone 4”. Permitting agencies typically recognize this zone in its application of the uniform building code.

Environmental Issues

No known.


The most probable use is for seasonal recreation. The parcel appears to have more than one suitable building site.

Maps & Survey

Legal Description: Township 8 South, Range 13 West, Seward Meridian, Alaska. That portion of Tract B lying North of U.S. Survey Nos. 3903 and 4700.

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