COVID-19 Response Grant Program


UPDATE: April 24, 2020: The Trust has made an additional $525,000 in funding available for COVID-19 response grants. This amount includes a $25,000 grant to the Trust from the Sealaska Corporation for the purpose of COVID-19 response. Grant applications are now being accepted. An updated Letter of Interest form has been linked below with instructions on how to apply.  


With the onset of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, organizations serving Trust beneficiaries have encountered sudden disruptions in their ability to operate and provide crucial services. In response to this need the, trustees have approved funding to support grants up to $25,000 to organizations that have been impacted.

At this time, Trust COVID-19 grant fund applications will be considered  for beneficiary serving organizations in the following broad areas:

  • assistance for emergent beneficiary needs (i.e. safety net needs such as rental assistance, medications, groceries, etc.);
  • identified health & safety issues (i.e. protective personnel equipment, quarantine and transmission prevention supplies); and,
  • operational assistance (i.e. IT needs supporting tele-work and tele-service delivery infrastructure, lease payments, direct service employee assistance)

The Trust will prioritize requests for needs and services necessary to support the life, health, and safety of Trust beneficiaries, and for entities that have not already received a COVID-19 response grant from the Trust.


Those eligible to apply for COVID-19 response grants are nonprofits, tribal entities, local governments, and other organizations that serve Trust beneficiaries.

How to Apply

  1. Complete a COVID-19 Response Grant Letter of Interest (LOI) form. (LOI updated on 4.24.20)
  2. Once the Letter of Interest is received, you will be contacted and notified within seven working days if the request has been approved.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please email: 

Lucas Lind, Grants Administrator,

Carrie Predeger, Grants Accountability Manager,